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Geriatric rehabilitation division is one of the characteristic disciplines in our hospital.

The elderlys organ system function gradually decline with age grow and chronic disease incidence rate crease, the incidence of dysfunction increases greatly. China's population aging problems have become increasingly prominent, the needs of the elderly rehabilitation is increasing year by year.

Geriatric rehabilitation medicine has developed into a discipline. With the development of modern rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation object is not only limited to the disabled, also includes a large number of chronic disease patientsthe elderly.  In the medical insurance system, the elderly rehabilitation from the modern rehabilitation theory and technology provide rehabilitation services for the disabled elderly to maximally improve its physiological function, promote them return to society and family, improve the quality of life.


The elderly rehabilitation means the patients older than 60 years .The patients suffered from common geriatric disease such as strokebrain tumor post operation, and Parkinson disease, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseasechronic obstructive pulmonary , peripheral neuropathy, insomnia etc, accompanied by dysfunction, the condition stable and a certain potential for rehabilitation, were provided inpatient rehabilitation service. We normed five aspects of rehabilitation hospital standards, the rehabilitation hospital time limited, medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation and discharge standard hospital . The geriatrics diagnostic criteria, clinical examination, clinical rehabilitation, clinical rehabilitation nursing and the complications diagnosis and treatment are in accordance with the administrative department of health executive routine.

We can provide drug treatment to the basis disease and complications in elderly patientslimb function training, physical therapy (high/middle/low frequency electricity therapy, magnetic therapy, biofeedback, laser, ultraviolet, ultrasonic, external counterpulsation , mud, wax therapy, hydrotherapy), speech function training, cognitive ability training, swallowing function training, balance training, the heart pulmonary function training, bladder function training, traditional Chinese medicine therapy, psychological therapy, occupational therapy, health education activities and independent life ability training.

Scientific research

A  total of  four Shanghai disabled persons federation research projects. Two of them have finished.

 Comprehensive rehabilitation intervention on depression after cerebral apoplexy patients.

Proprioception  training in the application of patients with cerebral apoplexy. Comprehensive rehabilitation intervention on depression after cerebral apoplexy patients .The project won second prize among the Shanghai federation of disabled persons rehabilitation services and technological achievements. The others two projects have been going to carry out in orderly as planned.

The application of VFSS for patients with swallowing disorders.

The clinical research of Baclofen joint Tizanidine  Hydrochloride Tablets  for the treatment of muscle spasm after stroke. In addition, we also do the secondary stroke rehabilitation clinical pathway of exploratory researchand achieved some results.


Geriatric rehabilitation ward have 32 beds and 11 medical staff, including 1 doctors of director, 1 associate chief doctor, 1 attending doctor, 1 resident doctors, 1 nurse in charge, 5 nurse practitioner,1 nurse. Our hospital has a strong professional rehabilitation therapists team.  Many rehabilitation experts came from Ruijin hospital, Huashan hospital, Tongji Hospital, Shanghai First People's Hospital, Australia and Hongkong regularly or irregularly come to our hospital for teaching rounds,  discussing the medical cases and guiding rehabilitation. Our hospital geriatric rehabilitation treatment level is in the advanced ranks in China.

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