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The department of Peripheral Nerve Injury Rehabilitation isone of the key discipline in our hospital and is committed to providing every opportunity for optimal recovery for nerve injured individuals.In order to achieve the objective, a group of rehabilitative and medical specialists are engaged in assisting patients to attainmaximum function and independence, and this interdisciplinary team has established a program of care incorporating specific methods which allows and encourages the injured persons to develop pragmatic problem-solving approaches appropriate for his own personal rehabilitation and continuing care which integrates traditional Chinese therapy and modern rehabilitation.

The interdisciplinary team includes:

•   Physiatrist - to provideongoing medical management and supervision of the rehabilitation team

•   Rehabilitation Nurse – to provide round-the-clock monitoring of medical-care training and education about medical needs

•   Neuropsychologist – to facilitate emotional adjustment for sudden disability

•   Physical Therapist – to emphasize the increasing overall physical mobility

•   Occupational Therapist - to assist in achieving independence in activities of daily living, encourages social interaction, community reintegration and provides leisure activities

•   Social Worker - to assist with emotional, social, vocational and financial concerns and coordinate discharge planning

The researchof this team mainly focus on the following three aspects:

(1) Recovery from nerve injury;

(2) Pain from nervestimulating and/or stressing;

(3) Reconstruction for the complications of nerve injury.

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