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Speech therapy is to help people who have language, speech, swallowing and cognitive disorders resulting from a variety of causes, such as stroke, brain injury, hearing loss, developmental delay, cleft palate, cerebral palsy, or emotional issues.

Speech therapy services begin with initial screening for communication and swallowing disorders and continue with assessment and diagnosis, consultation for the provision of advice regarding management, intervention and treatment, and provision counseling and other follow up services for these disorders.

At present, the services we can provide are as follows:  

- language (phonologymorphologysyntaxsemantics, and pragmatic/social communication, etc.) including comprehension and expression in oral, written, graphic, and manual modalities; language processing; preliteracy and language-based literacy skills and phonological awareness.

- speech (phonationarticulation, fluency, resonance, and voice including aeromechanical components of respiration);

·         Voice (hoarseness(dysphonia),poor vocal volume(hypophonia),abnormal e.g. rough, breathy, strained) vocal quality..

·         swallowing or other upper aero digestive functions such as infant feeding and aeromechanical events (evaluation of esophageal function is for the purpose of referral to medical professionals);

·         cognitive aspects of communication (e.g. attention, memory, problem solving, executive functions).

·         Developmental delay

·         Hearing loss

·         Autism, including Asperger syndrome

·         Developmental verbal dyspraxia

·         Infants with injuries due to complications at birth, feeding and swallowing difficulties, including dysphagia

·         Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

·         Language delay

Currently, our department has seven independent therapy treatment rooms, which are divided into adults and children treatment areas. There are 12 speech therapists, receiving about 100 patients per day.

We have many advanced equipments at home and abroad, including assessment and therapy system for aphsia; Cognitive workstation; Qiyin, Qihui, Qizhi assessment and therapy systems which are invented by the Department of Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Science of East China Normal University; electrical stimulations, such as vitalstim, Yasi; training tools for oral physiotherapy; video fluoroscopic swallowing study(VFSS) for dysphagia.

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