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SERVICES > Vocational and Social Rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation is a client-oriented systematic service for the purpose of returning to work,reducing the risks of repeat injuries as well as improving work capacity. Our main services include:

    - Potential assessment of returning to work;

    - Employment desire evaluation;

    - Job demand analysis;

    - Employment confidence promotion;

    - Functional capacity assessment and intensive training; 

    - Work hardening;

    - Work behaviors education; 

    - Returning to work preparation group;

    - Coordination with employer;

    - Work skill retraining; 

    - Employment and living condition follow-up after discharge, etc.

Social rehabilitation is a professional activity that social workers use the knowledge of medicine, rehabilitation medicine, sociology, social psychology, engineering, and nursing care to help injured workers to compensate defects and overcome environmental barriers from the perspective of sociology. Social workers also take various effective measures to create a suitable environment for injured workers to survive, develop and realize their own value, so that injured workers could equally participate in social lives and share the fruits of social development. The services of social rehabilitation mainly consist of policy interpretation, rehabilitation counseling, community life adaptive training, group counseling of disability adjustment, the families of medical dependence counseling, discharge planning guidance and so on.

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