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The department of clinical psychology is mainly composed of three parts: clinical neuropsychiatric disease rehabilitation, clinical mental health service and neuropsychology laboratory.

Clinical neuropsychiatric disease rehabilitation mainly includes: the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of depression after stroke; cognitive impairment after cerebral stroke; various clinical mental disorders after traumatic brain injury; cognitive disorder after traumatic brain injury for correction and rehabilitation; the comprehensive therapy for patients with disturbance of consciousness .

Clinical mental health services include: investigation and follow-up of all patients with basic mental health; intervention and clinical treatment of all kinds of mental disease; mental health education, staff peer support etc.

Neuropsychology laboratory focuses on clinical neuropsychology, combined with transcranial magnetic stimulationTMS, VTS cognitive assessment and training system, with brain injury as the object, neuropsychological function in all aspects of the patients were evaluated according to the evaluation results, the relationship inference of brain and behavior, in order to guide the rehabilitation.

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