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The department of brain injury rehabilitation is the key discipline of our hospital, based on the original establishment of work injury rehabilitation. After many yearsour persistent strivings  contribute to the formation of rehabilitation characteristics that make patients with severe brain injury reintegrateand on the basis of it we have established three major professional directions,including awaking rehabilitation of vegetative state and the minimal consciousness, the integral brain injury rehabilitation of mental and behavioral disorders, and the integral rehabilitation of reintegration to work and society.

Currently, we mainlyfocuson the following three aspects:(1) it is characterized by an integrated biofeedback awaking, a collection of modern nutrition, biofeedback techniques, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and other modern technology to promote the recovery of consciousness. (2) the integral rehabilitation of mental and behavioral disorders of brain damage. The mental and behavioral control is integrated into the traditional treatment, combining with transcranial magnetic stimulation and other modern treatment so that the patient who lost the chance of rehabilitation can accept effective rehabilitation. (3) the integral rehabilitation of reintegration to work and society. Severe traumatic brain injury patients and caregivers, as a whole, enter rehabilitation training, which make patients with severe brain injury in a smooth reintegration, as well as part of patients with better condition return to work.

The department of brain injury rehabilitationcurrently possess 32 beds, treated more than 150 patients annually, and has become the biggest hospital admitting brain injury in Shanghai. As outstanding academic leader, weassume a subject “spasticity control and movement and biomechanical analysis after brain injury”. Meanwhile,we undertake the teaching task of department of the treatment of bone and joint rehabilitation in Tongji University Medicine School.

Up to nowthere are one personnel with senior title , one with intermediate title , and two with primary title. Professor Liu Jianrong and Professor Wang Huifang are appointed as consultants for the department.ZhongRongzhou, our department director and deputy chief physician, is one of the outstanding academic leaders of Shanghai Disabled Persons' Federation.

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