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The department of musculoskeletal rehabilitation is based on the work-injured rehabilitation, and is one of the important departments in our hospital. The discipline has a feature of that the care is aim with goal and has two branch of general musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation.

Research of this department focused on three parts. First is the research of the injury-worked rehabilitation with musculoskeletal. The mainly idea is that the goal focused on RTW and include diagnosis, job analysis, function assessment and improvement, and a job related intensive training. Second is the minimally invasive operation for these quelaeafter musculoskeletal by tissue balance. The adhesion of soft tissue is one of major reasons of imbalance and minimally invasive operation can reconstruction those balance in order to maximum recovery. Third is sports rehabilitation. Contributing to early exercise, a competitive ability can be recovered as early as possible.

There are 32 beds in the department and it can admit about 250 patients per year. It is the biggest rehabilitation hospital for the work-injuries patients of musculoskeletal, and the department took a bureau project about work related function and biomechanics. It undertook the teaching task of therapeutics of Tongji University and has a cooperative relationship with a number of general hospitals.

There are one senior title, one intermediate and two primariesin the department. Professor Wang Yubin, Professor Zhu Lixi and Professor Wang Huifang are the consultants.

The director is Dr. Zhong Rongzhou, an associate chief doctor.

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