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Assistive device is any product, instrument, equipment or technical system used by a disabled person, madespecially or existing on the market, aimed to prevent, compensate, monitor, relieve or neutralize the deficiency or disability. It is the most direct and effective way for disabled people to compensate and improve performance, improve living quality and enhance their capability of participating in social activities.

Assistive Devices Adaption Department of SSRC is equipped with three functional areas, i.e. Assessment Area,  Adaption Area, and Man-Machine Integration Experience Area. In addition, there is an exhibitionarea of 150 square meters to display artificial limbs, wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, blind computer, visual voice systems for the deaf, and other types of assistive devices.

Assistive Devices Adaption specialist will assess the physical functional status of  patients who submit assistive devices adaptation  applications and provide adaptation recommendations.

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