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Spinal cord injury can resultin paraplegia, urine and sexual function and fertility dysfunction, what ‘s worse, patients who got severe SCI cannot take care of themselves in daily live activities like eating and clothing.Thus serious psychological setbacks are usually accompanied, even lead to family, marriage and economic crisis.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation Department (Occupational Rehab Dept. I) was founded in 2007.Now equipped with 64 beds, itbecomes a key discipline in our hospital. We have an excellent team of masters, undergraduate degrees physicians, therapists, nurses and social workers. In addition, a number of domestic well-known experts, including Hong Kong and Taiwan were hired to hold the post of advisers. In terms of hardware, Israel Balance testing and training system, Lokomat automatic robot, Anti-gravity Treadmill, Body weight support training, The Motomed movement Therapy system, The ISD-MED2000 isokinetic muscle training system, Medical training Therapy system, Electromyography and evoked potential test and analysis system are provided in our department. Besides, other kinds of advanced equipments like microwave therapy, millimeter wave therapy, short wave and low frequency therapeutic apparatus, laser, thermal magnetic shock treatment, wax therapy, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, far infrared, upper and lower extremity circulation therapy and ultrasound therapy device are also involved. Professional group using the advanced concepts of rehabilitation and Global rehabilitation techniques as well as all kinds of rehabilitation equipment listed above, provide patients with personalized, comprehensive rehabilitation services, including sports, physical, occupational therapy, traditional medicine, vocational rehabilitation and so on. Nursing groups center on the goal of rehabilitation, promote professional care and subspecialty care with comprehensive nursing theory and techniques in order to cooperate closely with physicians and other rehabilitation professionals. Based on the characteristics of SCI patients, nursing work was refined, personalized formulate and adjust the patient's rehabilitation care plan, launched a neurogenic bladder, intestines, position, pressure sores, anti-choking and anti-falls and other care and the implementation of the rehabilitation care for patients in the rehabilitation ward continuation basis, such as the ADL guidance (including transfers, eating, modification, toileting, etc.), health education, to help recover patients from the passive acceptance of others into self-care nursing, improve the quality of life.

In 2008 "5 • 12" Wenchuan earthquake, SCI professional group received more than 20 SCI patients injured in earthquake.After systematic rehabilitation, patients all fulfilled with daily living standards of self care. Our department is currently undertaking the majority of patients with spinal cord injury in Shanghai, and patients from other provinces and cities, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also come here. In order to enable patients to return home and integrate into society successfully, combined with the city's community-oriented nursing model, we launched the "halfway house of spinal cord injury", and until now has been successfully carried out more than 20 of the "halfway house" activities, while these patients return to family and social successfully.

Our department integrated medical treatment, teaching and researching as a whole, bear a clinical trainee of Nanjing Medical University, Xuzhou Medical College and other schools, as well as internships and job training of undergraduate regulations. Completed a number of research projects of CDPF.Successfully applied a number of municipal projects, and participate in national, Shanghai Science and Technology scientific research projects.


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