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Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation includes rehabilitation of heart disease and respiratory system disease. Heart rehabilitation aims to make heart patients to get the best physical, mental and social status in order to enable the patients to restore as much as possible in the society and live independently with their own efforts. Respiratory rehabilitation is to provide direct service continuously in multi-level and multi-aspect for patients suffering from lung dysfunction and their families as well. This service is provided by different experts group, and its goal is to help the patients achieve and maintain the best independent living ability and return to society.

The department of Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation was established inMay 2012, and it is one of the main businesses in our hospital. The patients in our department are mainly those suffering from respiratory dysfunction or pulmonary infection with spinal cord injury or those with stroke and traumatic brain injury patients complicated with pulmonary infection or complication of cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease of various types (including PCI and CABG after operation), patients after cardiac valve replacement, etc.

By treadmill exercise electrocardiogram examination, diagnosis and assessment of heart function were done.Individual exercise prescription was made to guide the patients to exercise . The cardiopulmonary exercise test instrument for measuring  oxygen consumption, metabolic equivalent, CO2 exhaust, ventilation, anaerobic threshold, heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure while resting and exercise was used in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of heart disease, respiratory system disease, evaluation of therapeutic effect, evaluation of the health status, determine disability level, making exercise prescription for patients. In addition, ECG data was received at any time during the rehabilitation training, so the poor heart and lung function or any other abnormal in patients can be discovered immediately and rescue measures can be take in time. The safety of each patient who exercise in our department is ensured. There are oxygen pillow, oxygen tank, rescue vehicles (prepared various rescue drug rescue vehicle) in our department, once the patients condition changes immediately rescue can be done. Since the opening of the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department in 2012, more than 1000 case patients has successfully carried out the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. The cardiopulmonary function of thousands of patients have been evaluated. Most patients achieved good curative effect.

The department currently has 2 associate chief physicians, 1 physician in charge , 2 cardiopulmonary rehabilitation therapists , 6 nurses, including 1 nurse in charge. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapist in our department are experienced. Our main work is to evaluate the heart and lung function in patients with heart and lung disease or spinal cord injury patients or stroke patients with heart or lung problem, make exercise prescription for them, give health education and guide rehabilitation training. The risk factors or bad habits of patients usually can be discovered in time and timely intervention can achievegood results.

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